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One of the earliest references to this name is the record on one Anna Bakos, daughter of Mihaly Bakos upon her christening in November 1733 in Dekt Village, Heves, Hungary. There were other reports in this area of the name Bakos during that same period.

Strong evidence associates the Bakos name with the Carpatho-Rusyns. I believe this because:
1. The family lived in Nyzne-Slovinky, Spisska Nova Ves District, Slovak Republic.
2. We now know there were large numbers of Carpatho-Rusyns living in and around
3. You will find the Bakos name listed in the Matriky of the Greek Catholic Church in
4. Ivantso, Klembarsky, Kropinak, Petras and Zmij are all prominent names related to the Bakos’ family. All of these families are listed in the Greek Catholic Church Matriky too.
5. The name Csumik is listed also. We have the name Csunik recorded as one of our Bakos  relatives. It would be easy to inadvertently change an “M” to an “N”. This most likely is the same family in Slovinky.

Furthermore, it may be possible that the Bakos Family did not identify themselves as Carpatho-Rusyn because the Carpatho-Rusyn history was not well defined at that time.


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