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Before we start OFM would like to acknowledge that most of the Kropinak research was driven by our Bakos and Kropinak cousins. Without their relentless pursuit of family records, we would not have progressed this far.

The family religion is important in identifying whether the members were most likely Slovak or Rusyn. Portions of Slovakia, near the Carpathian Mountains, are considered to be Carpatho-Rusyn areas. Rusyns were mostly Greek Catholics. The Slovaks were Roman Catholics.

The Kropinak Family were most likely Carpatho-Rusyn since they were originally Greek Catholics.

Whenever Rusyn immigrants came to the United States, Canada and/or other countries, most found it difficult to find Greek Catholic churches in their small communities. Consequently, many converted to Roman Catholic or Orthodox religions which were more common where they settled.

Our research, at this point, dates back to Michal Kropinak, born around 1788 in Nyzne-Slovinky and his wife Anna Klembarsky, born around 1789 in Nyzne-Slovinky.

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