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Our Williamson research is work in progress. We currently go back to William Williamson, born July 2, 1868 in New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland, and his wife Almedia Thurston as our first generation.

At this time, we tend to believe Alexander Williamson and his wife Mary Hart are William Williamson's parents. Below, Our Fond Memories (OFM) has listed the circumstantial evidence that point us in this direction. We want to emphasize we do not have proof at this time.

1. We found Alexander and Mary Hart-Williamson's family in the 1880 US Census. They were living in Arnot, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Mary Schoonover-Thurston, the grandmother of Almedia Thurston,  was born in Tioga County, PA. Therefore, having roots in the same general area would allow the Thurston and Williamson families the opportunity to meet and possibly marry.

2. We have confirmed that our William's two bothers were named Alexander and John. William and Mary had children named Alexander, John and William.

3. The naming convention in Scotland dictated that the first male born into a family should be named after the grandfather. Alexander was our William's first child.

4. Our William was christened on the exact date Alexander and Mary Hart's William was christened.

5. In addition, our William fits into the birthing pattern established by Alexander and Mary.

6. If we can prove Alexander and Mary lived in New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland around the same time our William was born,  we will be more confident that Alexander and Mary are indeed the parents of our William.

Until we have more proof, the search continues.


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