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This webpage is designed to be a communication tool. We may have questions and need answers. We will report any new found family members, corrections and modifications of major importance.

When you send questions, we will answer you directly. If we do not have an answer your question will be posted on this page. We hope others may have the proper answer.

OFM Question:
OFM is researching the surname Kimble hoping to find a Francis S. Kimble b. about 1876 in Cattaraugas County, NY. Francis' father, Job Kimble, died when Francis was vary young. Her mother's given name was Elizabeth. We do not know her maiden name. We believe Elizabeth (the mother) married Andrew Hewlette or Hulett after Job's death.
Francis married Franklin Daniel Meeder. Together they had two children. Their children names were Claude and Pearl. Sometime between 1883 and 1889 Francis disappeared. If anyone has any information pertaining to any of these names, please use OFM's "Feedback" and contact us when time permits. Thank you.

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