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Our Thurston research extends back to Daniel Thurston (born about 1638). Daniel Thurston was a trooper in Captain Appleton's company and company records show that he was paid 4 pounds and 10 shillings, on June 24, 1676, for serving in the army.

Any direct descendant of this Daniel Thurston is eligible to join the, Daughters of the American Revolution (DARE), Colonial Dames 17th Century and the Daughters of the Colonial Wars. In addition, Daniel is an approved ancestor for the First Settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts

Daniel Thurston was the "kinsman" and very active in the early development of Newbury, Massachusetts. He supposedly had an uncle named Daniel Thurston also. The uncle was at one time married to Ann Lightfoot from Lyn, MA. This uncle made the younger Daniel his heir and in his will, the uncle, referred to the younger Daniel as his "kinsman".

In the book "History of Newbury" on page 176, "A special session of the General Court, held in Boston, on September 11, 1666. Elders of the church were desired to be present and give their advise in the weighty matter under discussion."

At this meeting, a petition was written to the King of England. Daniel Thurston signed that petition to the King of England proving he was active in the politics in New England.

The petition as well as other matters apparently displeased King Charles II because the men in the district were asked to take an oath of Allegiance to the King. Anyone refusing to comply would be liable to a fine or imprisonment. Daniel Thurston and his son Daniel both took the oath.

When the oath was administered, each person was also asked to declare his age. Daniel submitted he was 40 years old. This is important because it gives his approximate birth year.

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