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I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following individuals, publications and historical societies for their contributions to "Our Fond Memories."

Delores and Joseph Marinics
Geraldine Williamson
Joyce and Tom
Jack and Dianna
The contributing Williamson cousins
Aunts - Lily Rose, Maxine Pallet and Vivian Akre
Uncle Ernest Marinics
All our Marinics related cousins
Cousin Ing. ätefan Marinič in Slovakia
Cousin Ing. Josef Marinič in Slovakia
Cousin Madeline in Cleveland, OH
Daniel Bakos
Cousin Barbara in Connecticut
Our Kropinak cousins Pat, Catherine, and Sharen

My friend Larry, researcher and consultant in Tennessee
My friend Debbie, researcher and consultant in New Hampshire
Cousin Michelle, researcher in state of New York
Earle Meeder, researcher

Sara Stephenson, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Historical Society
PhDr. M. BodnŠovŠ, Csc. and Zuzana FlakovŠ at the Slovak Red Cross
Haverhill Historical Society

Books and Notes:
John Meader of Piscatagua - book
Helga Rater - Meader notes
George William Drummond - notes

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Thank you everyone. Without you, this website would not exist. Most likely I forgot to recognize someone. For that, I apologize. Please believe me when I say it was inadvertent. I expect many more names will be added to this list in the future.


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