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Matej (Mathias) Bakos II (b: 11 January 1832) and Anna Ivantso had eight children that have been identified. Two of those, Stefan Bakos and Matej (Mathias) Bakos III, have been researched thanks to cousins in Ohio and Connecticut.

Stefan Bakos (b: 16 Aug 1854) left Slovakia with his family and immigrated to the U.S.A. They had a total of 10 children. Three of these children died soon after birth and one died on the voyage to the U.S.A. Another, appears to have been kidnapped at a very young age and never reunited with his family.

Matej Bakos III (b: 19 July 19 1866) married Julia Csizsmar in Polom, Slovakia. Together this Bakos couple had nine children. Matej Bakos III and his family settled in the Bridgeport Connecticut.

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