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The Meder family name originally may have been "Meddop", or "Mydhope", perhaps "Medehope"; in the first of Meddop Hall, County of York, England, the second of Yorkshire, England; and the last of Trenant County, of Cornwall, England.

Between Old England and the new country, the spelling of the name mostly likely changed. The first immigrant does not appear able to write his name. He is not to be blamed for becoming "Meder" in print.

William Meeder and Sally Sumner moved from New York state to Wisconsin between 1843 and 1849. William Meder was located in Grafton, Washington County, Wisconsin in the 1850 census data (Page 231). According to Earl Meeder, the family lived at the corners of State and Robinson Streets in the village of Grafton. The name was spelled 'Meder' in the census record. On her marriage license and certificate, Sally Moriah's name was spelled "Meader".


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