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Mission Statement: Our Fond Memories (OFM) assumes the responsibility to sustain as worthy of preserving and continuation, the history and knowledge of our families. With this worthwhile activity as our aim, we will strive to collect, preserve, secure and disseminate historical, genealogical, and ethno-cultural information regarding our ancestors. We hold in high esteem that which connects the living to our treasured and ancient heritage.

"To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die."
                                                        . . . . Thomas Cambell (1777-1844), poet

We anticipate this site will assist our family, to more clearly understand their heritage. Hopefully, this can be accomplished through awareness and communication. Secondly, we anticipate this site will attract additional family members including those residing throughout the world. Lastly, we are optimistic this website will stimulate our younger family members everywhere to become more involved in their heritage.

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Please keep returning because this site will continue to change.

We would also like to point out that you will not find the complete genealogy for any of our families posted on this website. We do  this to protect  identities. For more details, you will need to contact us.

Lastly, we encourage everyone to critique the site and inform us if you encounter data that is erroneous and/or when the site is not working properly.

If any questions remain or if you wish to just say "hello", please email us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website!

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the information presented in this website, any printed copy and/or any other form of communication pertaining to any family or families represented on this website is subject to human error, and is presented as an aid to assist you in your genealogical study. It is not intended to replace your research. It is your responsibility to closely evaluate the material given and verify its accuracy. This website never claims to be an all inclusive or all factual resource for your own private study.

In addition, once data is posted on the Internet, it becomes public information. Therefore, OFM can not be responsible for how that information will be used.

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